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Alpha Librae (α Librae, abbreviated Alpha Lib, α Lib), is a double star and despite its 'alpha' designation the second-brightest star system (or star) in the constellation of Libra.The two components are designated α¹ Librae and α² Librae.The system bore the traditional name of Zubenelgenubi / z uː ˌ b ɛ n ɛ l dʒ ɪ ˈ n uː b i /, though the International Astronomical Union now ...
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Now it's Libra's alpha star. But Zubenelgenubi is an Arabic name indicating that this star was once perceived as the Southern Claw of Scorpius the Scorpion.
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The Sun joins Zubenelgenubi on November 7. Fixed star Zubenelgenubi, Alpha Librae, is a 2.7 magnitude pale yellow and light gray double star in the Southern Scale of the Balance, Libra Constellation.The traditional name Zubenelgenubi, or Zuben Elgenubi, is from the Arabic ّالزُبَانَى الجَنُوبِي (al-zubānā al-janūbiyy} which means the southern claw.
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A scorpion’s claw consists of two parts, allowing the nasty little critter to grab its prey. And so it is in the sky, with the star that represents one of the claws of Scorpius. Zubenelgenubi, the southern claw, consists of two widely separated components, both of which are visible through binoculars. Zubenelgenubi is actually a member of the constellation Libra, the balance scales.
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ZUBENELGENUBI (Alpha Librae). Dim Libra, which 2000 years ago held the autumnal equinox in its balance pans, is identified chiefly by two stars to the northwest of Scorpius that have delightful names, Zubeneschamali and Zubenelgenubi. They harken back to the ancient times when they were considered the outstretched claws of the Scorpion, making the two something of a double constellation.
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Zubenelgenubi Facts. Zubenelgenubi is a main sequence star that can be located in the constellation of Libra. The description is based on the spectral class. Zubenelgenubi is not part of the constellation outline but is within the borders of the constellation. Based on the spectral type (F3V) of the star, the star's colour is yellow to white .
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A Quick Overview Of Zubenelgenubi How to pronounce Zubenelgenubi. Zubenelgenubi is a the alpha (brightest) star in the constellation of Libra. The name comes from the Arabic az-zubānā l-janūbiyy meaning "Southern Claw" which indicates it was previously seen as the southern claw on a scorpion.You will sometimes see it written 'Zuben elgenubi', but this makes no difference to the pronunciation.
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Our Zubenelgenubi is from Al Zuban al Janubiyyah, the exact Arabian equivalent of the second-century Greek astronomer Ptolemy's term; but Zubenelgubi and Janib are both wrong, and Zubeneschamali is worse, for it plainly belongs to beta (β Zubenelschemali).
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Video shows what Zubenelgenubi means. A binary star in the constellation Libra; alpha (α) Librae.. Zubenelgenubi Meaning. How to pronounce, definition audio dictionary. How to say Zubenelgenubi ...
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A different astronomy and space science related image is featured each day, along with a brief explanation. Astronomy Picture of the Day . ... Zubenelgenubi was once considered the southern claw of the nearby arachnologically correct constellation Scorpius. What star was the northern claw?