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ConfigExamples - Squid Web Proxy Wiki
This is a collection of example Squid Configurations intended to demonstrate the flexibility of Squid. Warning: Any example presented here is provided "as-is" with no support or guarantee of suitability.If you have any further questions about these examples please email the squid-users mailing list.
GPS Visualizer: Examples
GPS Visualizer examples. Here are some actual maps that were created using GPS Visualizer's map generator.For more information on how to construct maps like these, check out the Tutorials.. Google Maps
SWT Examples | The Eclipse Foundation
SWT Examples. SWT Examples are useful little programs that are written in SWT. These are typically much larger and more comprehensive than SWT Snippets.. The following SWT Examples can be downloaded from the Eclipse download page:
Apache log4net™ Config Examples
Overview. This document presents example configurations for the built-in appenders. These configurations are designed to work with the log4net.Config.DOMConfigurator and the log4net.Repository.Hierarchy.Hierarchy. These examples are by no means exhaustive configurations for the appenders.
Fleur-de-lis Designs: Crowns
Crowns for Your Custom Coat of Arms and Crest
gnuplot demos
External collections of gnuplot graphs. Wikimedia collection of graphs made using gnuplot ; Examples of pm3d pictures and scripts by Dr. Namio Matuda. There are plots produced by gnuplot on Octave homepage. Gnuplot in daily use
make work easier for us by allowing us to push or pull over increased distances. There are SIX simple machines:

Fractions - Adding and Subtracting fractions - Examples
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