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Use Boxmen is a fun puzzle platformer kids will enjoy. The goal is to get the boxmen to the boxes! Kids will need work through the puzzles by trial and error.
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Use the arrow keys or the AWSD keys to move the boxmen to the floating cube exit on each level. Use the shift key to create extra boxmen that you can use to get to the cube. | Games & Puzzles - Use Boxmen
Description Use Boxmans friends to get ahead in this puzzle platformer! Get a boxman to the box! Instructions - Boxmen COPY what you are doing, WHEN you make them.
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Use Boxmen: You'll never get through this game alone. Make some buddies! Clone yourself to get all adventurey. Free Action Games from AddictingGames
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Use Boxmen, a free online Puzzle & Skill game brought to you by Armor Games. Use boxmens friends to get ahead in this puzzle platformer!
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Use Boxmen is a game by Greg Sergeant. Create clones of yourself and use the Boxmen to find a way to reach the exit point. Use arrow keys to move and SHIFT to create a clone. Clones are assigned the same action you make at the moment of casting. Restart a level with 'R'.
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Enjoy the walkthrough Use Boxman All levels completed, fast! want to play the game?
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Play Use Boxmen for free online at! Clone 'em, use 'em, dump 'em, break 'em—just get the box.
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Use Boxmen. Awesome new puzzle adventure game. Use duplicates of yourself to help you solve the puzzles... 435 people think this game is awesome!
Use Boxmen Speed Run
Really a rather fun game. This was the fastest I can complete Use Boxmen, I challenge you do better... :) Post a video of your fastest run at this game...